Storyboard Ink Beta Testing


Thank you for visiting our new web site. Storyboard Ink offers a free download of a new plugin for Adobe XD.

You can find the demo video.

Storyboard Editor Plugin fro Adobe XD is a package of the following software

  • Manager app (Mac/Windows application)
  • Editor plugin for Adobe XD
  • Importer extension for Adobe Premiere

Editor plugin for Adobe XD is installed with Manager app. You can download the package of dmg for Mac and the zip file for Windows from our site.

In the beta testing, you can download our Storyboard Editor Plugin for Adobe XD. Sign up the site with E-mail or with a social login and then checkout a subscription of a Pro license. A Pro license enables the plugin to export a storyboard in markdown formatted file.

The checkout/subscription system is also in beta testing so you can use a test card # to join our subscription of a Pro license. You don't have to use your own credit card # but please input a valid E-mail address because an activation code for a Pro license is sent via email for beta testing.

The beta testing will continue until the end of June. Then the function of exporting will be stopped. The commercial subscription will be $3 per month from July 1st 2020.

The introduction of a storyboard in digital and more documentation is here

Last but not least, you can upload a storyboard image to the site freely. Please notice the terms Of Use.

Hoping the new plugin for Adobe XD helpful to your digital workflow for visual story telling contents in video editing and production.

If any issues or comments, post them in our forum or contact me via email.

Please send us feedback, ideas, and suggestions. Feel free to share your work with us.

Best wishes.


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