Making a storyboard

Special thanks to VJ USK. He brought me the idea and the sketches for a storyboard XD plugin. It is fun to code in Adobe XD platform.

I looked up how people are working with storyboard within their creative projects and I am inspired by the following software projects on the net

I did not know about screenwriting for my career of a software developer in 25 years. When I was searching for storyboard applications of software, I also found a blog of Toy story of Disney that the blue ray disk has a bonus content about making storyboards. So I went down a CD/DVD store in the downtown in Tokyo- Akihabara where you can find old classic games and videos of any sorts and finally found the series of ToyStory 1, 2 and 3. I bought all of them. It costed 7000 yen( $550) , for the first time I bought blue ray disks and watched the series of Toy Story. What a good place is Akihabara and the films are truly the master pieces in the digital world.

The bonus content describes how Pixar's well known three films which have the DNA of Pixar's story telling. ToyStory, Nimo and Mr.Incredible were referenced. Those of the key scenes are explained with the ideas and the secrets of the screenplay. The blue ray also contains other bonus contents such as Tom Hanks interview etc. The struggle and their devotion to the film were greatly respectable.

So interested in Pixar's work, I read a book - The Pixar Touch written by Price, David A

CATMULL’s philosophy of computer animation.

Embedded in the Genesis sequence—on screen for anyone to see, yet visible only to the expert eye


Character animation isn’t the fact that an object looks like a character or has a face and hands. 
Character animation is when an object moves like it is alive, when it moves like it is thinking and 
all of its movements are generated by its own thought processes…. It is the thinking that gives 
the illusion of life. It is the life that gives meaning to the expression.

As [Antoine de] Saint-Exupéry wrote, “It’s not the eyes, but the glance—not the lips, but the smile.”

Not only a story but animation, audio and interaction deeply motivate people to save the world. We may challenge for the global issues like Bill Gates suggests.

Naoya Yamamoto
21st December, 2019